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CDM Construction LLC - Murray, Kentucky 
 Call us at: 270-753-8964
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CDM Construction Gallery - Concrete Projects
Here are some Before & After Photos... Check back often for additional photos
Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare an estimate just for you:
For more information, call us at:  270-753-8964

Or send inquiries to:
819 River Rd. (Physical/Mailing)
Murray, KY 42071
Decorative Fountain Installation
New Sidewalk and/or Replacement Sidewalks
Concrete Pad Replacement
Concrete Patio Replacement
New Concrete Steps built as needed
Concrete Landing Replacement
Replacement of Decorative Clay Tile Porch w/ Concrete
Concrete Window Sill Replacement
Concrete Sidewalk w/ Drainage System
Concrete Parking Lot Repairs
Foundation / Footer Repairs
Concrete Curb Repairs or Replacement
New Retaining Wall Installation
(Can be done in concrete as shown) or Brick / Block
Driveway Entrance

Retaining Wall/ Parking Area
Replacement of decorative front steps & Repairs to brick columns
Instead of Concrete, we can also install a great walking/golf cart path with cross ties & packed dense grade, 
designed specially to suit your property & needs
Culvert Replacements & 
Concrete Head Wall Installations
Steps formed/finished with rails down to the lake dock with Rip-Rap